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Recently I had a look at a brand-new restaurant in my neighborhood. I work late, so it was just after nine when a adorable blonde waitress showed me to a table. It was quiet, only two other tables, however they had finished their meals and would be leaving soon. While I waited for my meal I had a look at a listing of ads I'd printed from this wonderful site where people can meet other adults for grownup fun. A few of the ads had pictures, and there was one which looked a little like the waitress. When she returned I tried to get a really good look at her without staring, to see if it was her. There was something about her smile that I felt sure I would notice anywhere. And she was friendly, flirting with me over my steak. She liked thick juicy meat, she said before turning to say good night to the last departing customers. Except for whoever was in the kitchen, we were alone in the restaurant. I ate my meal and studied the little image. It must be her. I watched her bend to wipe a table, her ass wiggling with every swoop of her arm. Good enough to eat, I thought as I bit into another piece of rib-eye. Her profile, if it was her, said she liked dancing, flirting, spontaneous grownup fun. That sounded very appealing. When I completed my meal she was right there. As she removed the plates she saw a copy of the profile I thought might be hers on top of the pile I'd left on the table. She gasped. I asked her if that was her, and as friendly as her profile, she jumped into my lap and said yes. Then she began to show me all things she likes to do. Her legs spread out wide before me, providing me the sweetest dessert on the menu. I feasted on her clear juice, tonguing her clit till she was squealing, and begging for more. With my face damp with cunt juice she said her turn, and rapidly bent down to drool all over my cock. Her mouth was warm and suctioned me good, making my boner harder than any steel piston. I fucked her sweet cunt right there in the restaurant, determined to get it on rapidly in case the chef come out from the back. To finish she asked for a facial, saying how much she liked the taste of the sweet cream. I left her a really big tip, which she lapped right up. Now I always eat late on Tuesdays, and I always enjoy.


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Christa: Hi Everyone! Just turned 29 and looking to have as much sex as I can
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Patti: hi my name is Stefanie and im wanting 2 have some sex w some1 that can b discreet.
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